Totomaru and Hanmi are a pair of rescue kittens, and are now living comfortably with their owner @totomaru_hanmi in Japan.

One day, @totomaru_hanm decided to buy the kittens a new cat futon bed that has become quite popular in Japan.

She was probably hoping it would make them happy when giving them the new bed, but their reaction exceeded her expectations!

Take a look at the video of the two kittens making use of the futon she posted on Twitter.

Hanmi immediately snuggled inside her new bed as opposed to her big brother, Totomaru, who rampaged around the futon out of excitement.

It looks like he was trying to play with Hanmi hiding inside the bed.

He continues to play with Hanmi's leg, biting on the edge of the futon.

Totomaru was so excited like a kid with a new toy. It looks like they will be using the new futon not just as a bed but also a playground!

Here is a full video of them with their new futon if you would like to see more of them!

The owner also posted a video from when she made curry dinner for the kittens, using only ingredients that cats can safely eat. Take a look!

By - Mugi.