Pochama-Wan miso soup set

Beginning from February 5th, 2022, fans of the popular Pokémon Pochama will be able to purchase a unique new instant miso soup product. Brought to you by 株式会社加賀麩不室屋 Kaga-fu Fumuroya Co., Ltd., a company specializing in dried wheat gluten known as 麩 fu, these ポッチャマ椀 Pochama-Wan (lit. "Piplup Bowls") feature the likeness of Piplup and provide a fun way for fans to enjoy miso soup.

Since the Edo period, Kanazawa has been a major producer of a variety of fu known as 加賀麩 Kaga-fu. Fumuroya has been manufacturing and selling Kaga-fu since its establishment in 1865 but they hope that this new collaboration with Pokémon will help them introduce their healthy and delicious Kaga-fu to younger generations.

This Pochama-Wan was developed based on Fumuroya's mainstay instant miso soup product, but with a special Piplup twist. The monaka-style case made of thin kaga-fu comes in three patterns printed with the likeness of Piplup with different expressions (selected at random). Some cases may even feature rare patterns. Inside each case, you'll find cute star-shaped 花麩 hana-fu which will add to the visual appeal of your miso soup.

How to enjoy Pochama-Wan

Simply place the Piplup case inside your bowl and pour hot water over it. The thin fu case lining will melt away, releasing colorful star-shaped hana-fu and the other ingredients (green onion, wakame seaweed and tofu) into your bowl. The soup features fragrant and mild traditional Kaga miso.

Pochama packaging

Great not only for home use but also as a gift, Pochama-Wan comes in an attractive box with a motif overflowing with cute Piplups, and the individual wrappers are printed with Poké Balls.

Product Details

  • Name: ポッチャマ椀 Pochama wan (lit. "Pochama Bowl")
  • Release date: Saturday, February 5th, 2022
  • Price: 2,000 yen plus tax per box of four
  • Where to buy: All Pokémon Centers in Japan (except Pokémon Center Shibuya)
  • Fumuroya Online Shop

Note: Fumuroya only delivers to Japanese addresses, so you may need to use a proxy shopping service like Buyee or White Rabbit Express to have your purchases delivered to an international address.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.