Arabic Yamato is a quick-drying "liquid glue" adhesive, and one of Japan's most popular glues ticks. Thanks to the clear bottle it comes in, however, it looks very similar to a food product, and has even spawned a honey spread that comes in the same bottle.

It also, to cats, my resemble Ciao Churu, a long squeezable stick of puree kitty food that's known to send cats in Japan into an absolute frenzy.

Japanese Twitter user @MunchKINGArthur posted a picture of that possible confusion featuring their cat, Arthur. @MunchKINGArthur has a large cushion shaped like a bottle of Arabic Yamato at their house, and it seems like Arthur is well, quite attached to it!

"That's not Ciao Churu, that's Arabic Yamato!"

Many on Twitter were delighted by by Arthur's expression, which seems somewhere stuck between total adoration for his oversized glue stick plushie and disappointment that it's not actually filled with cat food puree. Either way, it sure seems like the adhesive works on keeping Arthur stuck to it.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.