If you like Vtubers, you probably know Minato Aqua 湊あくあ at hololive production. She attracts many people through her cuteness, adorable voice, and her gaming skill. She's famous, with over 1.61 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

She also happens to be known as a big sushi fan among Hololive fans!

Well aware of this, スシロー Sushirō, a major revolving sushi shop chain in Japan, decided to team up with Aqua. Beginning on April 22nd, 2022, they're launching a special collaboration called 湊あくあとスシローぜ!キャンペーン minato akua to sushirōze! kyanpēn (Let’s Sushirō with Minato Aqua Campaign)!

In case you were wondering, スシローぜ sushirōze has a double meaning. It's a very informal way to say “Let’s eat sushi” in Japanese, and it's also their brand name, Sushirō.

Minato Aqua Selection Set

The items in this collaboration are only available for takeout.

What makes this Minato Aqua Selection Set (湊あくあセレクションセット Minato Aqua Selekushon Setto) special is that the sushi toppings were selected by Minato Aqua and her fans* on her live stream on April 5th.

*Her fans are called “Aqua Crew” (あくあクルー).

The sushi set has ten sushi toppings she loves. Her favorite sushi topping is egg (たまご tamago ). You might have noticed something unusual with this selection of sushi. There are two egg sushi! Aqua was struggling to decide what to include as the final sushi, but in the end, she decided to go with another egg sushi because she loves it so much.

She also chose medium fatty tuna (中とろ chū toro), tuna (まぐろ [鮪] maguro), young yellowtail (はまち hamachi), broiled fatty salmon (焼とろサーモン yakitoro sāmon), squid (いか [烏賊] ika), shrimp (えび [海老] ebi), tuna and scallion roll (軍艦ねぎまぐろ gunkan negimaguro), and salmon roe (いくら ikura).

She enjoyed all of the sushi she ate during the stream, but the first sushi topping she decided to include in her sushi assortment was 軍艦ねぎまぐろ gunkan negimaguro. Gunkan negimaguro is the second sushi from the left in the top row.

Originally, 軍艦 gunkan meant battleship, but it also refers to oval sushi that looks like a battleship. Negimaguro, also known as ネギトロ negitoro, is diced tuna. When Aqua ate it on her stream, she mentioned that all generations of her family, especially her mother, love it. She said “I must include this! Definitely! I believe that everyone loves it too?”

There are two sushi combos selling for JPY 1,320 and JPY3,300 (tax included), respectively. The price differs depending on what additional goods come with the sushi. Let’s check out the goods!

Original stickers

The special item for the JPY 1,320 combo is a set of three Aqua stickers. She is very cute as always, but something is different from usual.

Did you notice? Yes, Aqua in the middle is wearing a Sushirō uniform! It looks really good on her! Oh, one more thing. The yellow circles aren't carpets, they're Sushirō sushi plates like the ones you'll see going around the conveyor belt in their stores.

This set with the original stickers, 湊あくあセレクションセット(オリジナルステッカー付) minato akua serekushon setto (orijinaru stekkā tsuki), is limited to only 12,000 units at Sushirō stores throughout Japan, excluding Sushirō To Go and Kyotaru Sushirō locations.

Original Acrylic Stand Figure

If you buy the JPY 3,300 combo, an original acrylic stand comes with the sushi! Just like the Aqua in the sticker, this Aqua is also smiling in a Sushirō uniform!

This product, the Minato Aqua selection set with an acrylic stand, 湊あくあセレクションセット(オリジナルアクリルスタンド付) minato akua serekushon setto (orijinaru akuriru stando tsuki), is limited to only 8,800 units at Sushirō To Go stores in Japan.

Both versions are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy delicious sushi with Minato Aqua!

Original Campaign Goods Online Store

If you can't make it to a Sushirō store, you can still enjoy this special campaign by buying original goods such as 湯呑 yunomi tea mug (1,650 JPY), a set of 3 acrylic keychains (2,200 JPY) and a B2-size tapestry (3,850 JPY).

Sales begin on April 22nd 11:00 JST and end on May 22nd 23:59 JST

To see the products and learn more details, visit the online store here.

You may need to use a forwarding service like Buyee or White Rabbit Express to have products delivered outside of Japan.


By - Mochijapa (Ayano Irizuki).