If you’ve been looking for the perfect blend of Japanese and Western fashion, there is no better epitome than the Taisho Roman kimono style which has grown in popularity over the last few years.
Bold prints on fabric paired with non-traditional kimono accessories such as hats, gloves, lace, heels and stockings make the Taisho Roman kimono style an irresistible choice to any present day fashionista.

If you’ve been itching to try the style, Hotel Gajoen Tokyo has just released a special experience allowing participants to enjoy lunch or afternoon tea whilst wearing a retro-style kimono from their rental collection.

There are over 50 different kimonos and obi available in the rental collection. Furthermore, with the added selection of geta, bags, hair ornaments and lace accessories, participants will have more than 2,500 fashion combination to choose from – we know, that sounds like a lot, but the staff will be there to help you match the perfect patterns, fit and combinations to your own personal style.

Just as it is with any kimono style, a lot of emphasis is put on the obi belt, which is said to bring the image together as a whole. At the Hotel Gajoen Tokyo Taisho Roman experience, participants have the option to select either a “regular” Taisho Roman style obi, or for a more unorthodox look, pair the kimono with a traditional Japanese Nagoya obi belt.

There are two options for dining at the Hotel Gajoen Tokyo Taisho Roman experience: lunch or afternoon tea – both of which are served up at the on-site restaurant. In addition to the meal, partakers can enjoy admission to the exhibition “Taisho Roman x Hundred Stages” which is being held at the same time.

The Taisho Roman x Hundred Stages exhibition is being held as a designated tangible cultural property event showcasing a collection of paintings from Taisho era artist Yumeji Takehisa, alongside modern works from creators such as illustrator Hiromi Matsuo, light artist Shigeko Takayama and sculptor Yasumaro Ozawa.

Hotel Gajoen Tokyo suggests following the recommended Taisho Roman experience schedule listed below:

11:30 – Reception, kimono coordination selection, dressing
12:30 – Retro experience at the cultural property project "Taisho Roman x Hundred Stages"
14:30 – Afternoon Tea
16:00 – Walk around the Meguro River and go to a nearby museum
19:00 – Art walk in the public area of ​​the hotel
20:00 – Return the kimono

The hotel will keep participants' clothing and luggage up until 20:00, so you can easily spend the whole day experiencing the flourishing glitz and glam of the Taisho Roman culture and fashion.

Hotel Gajoen Tokyo Retro Taisho Roman Kimono and Dining Experience

Bookings for the Taisho Roman Kimono and Dining Experience can be made via the official hotel website, or alternatively over the phone on 050-3188-7570. Bookings must be made at a minimum of 3 days in advance, with cancellation fees of 50% up until the day before and 100% on the day of the event.

Dates: 16th April – 12 June 2022 *excluding May 25th
Details: Meals at the on-site restaurant (Lunch or afternoon tea), Cultural property project "Taisho Roman x Hundred Stages" admission ticket, kimono rental set, dressing, and hair styling
Lunch options: Japanese cuisine at restaurant Tofu Tei, Chinese cuisine at restaurant Shun Yuki, or Italian cuisine at restaurant CANOVIANO
Afternoon Tea: Seasonal Afternoon Tea at New American Grill KANADE TERRACE

Prices for Kimono Experience
Lunch: 18,000 yen
Afternoon Tea: 17,000 yen

Optional additions and fees
Make-up: 11,000 yen
Photography (1 pose): basic – 5,500 yen, location 8,800 yen
Kimono rental guarantee: 330 yen

By - Connie Sceaphierde.