You don't have to brave the crowds or wait in line, let alone travel to Japan, to enjoy one of Japan's tastiest grilled foods, skewered grilled chicken, known in Japanese as 焼き鳥 yakitori. All you need is a grill, your choice of chicken meat, and seasonings, some skewers and you're ready to go.

Yakitori grills are very compact and, as long as you take the right precautions (and don't run afoul of any rules in your apartment, etc.), you can make yakitori in the comfort of your own home, even indoors. Home-grilling has many advantages. Not only will you save money, but you can also enjoy the freedom to season the yakitori to your own taste.

If you don't live alone, however, you can expect that your yakitori grilling will attract some attention. For many who enjoy eating meat, it's just like barbecue...

Case in point. Japanese TikTok user しば犬 こはな kohanashiba (@kohanashiba) posted a video of them enjoying yakitori on a tabletop grill at home.

While they were grilling, they felt a presence behind them and turned around...

@kohanashiba この後ハウスされました?#柴犬 #柴犬のいる生活 #犬のいる生活 #犬動画 #愛犬 #うちの子が可愛すぎる ♬ タイミング ~Timing~ - Klang Ruler

Behind then stood their beloved shiba inu with an expectant look on her face.

Completely ignoring her own doggy treats that her owner had given her, she looked at her owner as if to say, "When are you going to give me that meat?"

Her expression, with a doggie equivalent of an ear to ear grin, made it so obvious that what she was thinking that the video elicited comments such as:

  • "Look at her. She's so excited!"
  • "Se has such a cute, expectant look on her face."
  • "She's a smart dog. She knows that yakitori tastes better than treats."
  • "If I were the one faced with such a smile on my dog's face, I would give in to her without a doubt..."

Incidentally, her owner didn't give her any because the meat was already seasoned with salt. Instead, they gave her some horse sashimi as a substitute, which she ate with much gusto.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.