Delicious and pretty to look at, cakes done right can bring satisfaction and comfort to those who enjoy them. Many people would also say that cake even tastes better when shared with a loved one.

Japanese Twitter user はるトン Haruton (@dmpig_hrtn) thought his son had this in mind when he told him one day, "Let's go halfsies on cake."

His son was holding a single slice of strawberry shortcake with a strawberry on top. Haruton thought his kind-hearted son was going to cut the cake in half to share it with him.

Just like most parents would, he was moved by his son's gesture. However, what happened next made him burst out laughing.

Reproduced with permission from はるトン Haruton (@dmpig_hrtn)

When it comes to splitting a slice of cake in half, most people think of a vertical cut.

However, Haruton's son mercilessly split the cake horizontally! The cake that remained was mostly sponge, with only a little cream, and not a single strawberry, the main ingredient of a strawberry shortcake!

Many people were amused at the son's behavior and left comments such as:

  • "It's true that it's sliced in half, but I feel like 90% of the cake has been removed!"
  • "I was blown away because the son was so honest about his desires."
  • "Here's a hustler in the making! I would laugh out loud if my child did that."

Ohter comments revealed that some people did the exact same thing when they were children.

In this case, Haurton didn't get the best part of the cake, but the funny experience will surely turn into a sweet memory for both of them to cherish!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.