Tiwtter user and medical student お茶 Ocha (@integral_ashida) posted a photo of a painting that he did for art class when he was in middle school.

In many Japanese middle schools, assignments are graded on a 5-point scale, with 5 being the highest grade and 1 the lowest. Ocha's painting received a grade of 2, which is relatively poor.

However, when you look at his painting, you may think: "How could this be when his work is so creative?"

Reproduced with permission from お茶 Ocha (@integral_ashida)

The assignment Ocha was given was to draw a centaur, a creature from Greek mythology with the upper body of a human and the lower body and legs of a horse.

However, Ocha decided to flip the human to horse ratio and depicted the centaur with the upper body of a horse and the lower body of a human!

Traditional centaurs are depicted with four legs, but Ocha's 'centaur' stands upright with two legs like a human.

The painting elicited numerous comments such as:

  • "It looks like it belongs on an ancient Egyptian mural..."
  • "Who knows, this one may fetch quite a handsome price one day."
  • "This is amazing. It's the same idea as Magritte's Collective Invention. I know that not everyone understands surrealism but I think this deserved full marks."
  • "If you were to secretly put it in an art museum, I'm sure critics would sing its praises with tears in their eyes..."
  • "This is so Uma Musume: Pretty Derby lol"

Perhaps with his painting, Ocha was expressing his budding interest in medicine, and he already knew that Hippocrates means "superior in horses."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.