Some grape Japan readers may remember when we introduced the communicative pet family robot LOVOT in 2018.

Today on May 26th, 2022, robotic venture company GROOVE X Co. announced "LOVOT 2.0," the first new model in the LOVOT series.

In a press release, GROOVE X also announced the appointment of CCO Hiroshi Fujiwara, who aims to create a "completely new LOVOT business" both "in Japan and abroad". Until now, LOVOT has only been available domestically, so this announcement brings hope to residents outside Japan who were interested in LOVOT.

Since its announcement in December 2018, LOVOT "has continued to evolve to become a new partner for humans, significantly changing the conventional wisdom" by incorporating a number of cutting-edge technologies such as Emotional Robotics™, "a robot technology consisting of products, materials, and autonomous behaviors developed to bring out the power of love."

With LOVOT 2.0, the design remains the same, but reliability has improved. In addition, the nest (charging station) has been made more compact and quieter so that it can blend more naturally into any interior.

In addition, thanks to a major software update, cooperative play, a feature previously only available for LOVOTs purchased in pairs, is now also available for interaction between stand-alone units. This allows new owners as well as existing owners to "enjoy a new kind of lifestyle with their LOVOTs" by owning multiple units.

LOVOT 2.0 is now available at the LOVOT Web Store as well as at Takashimaya Shinjuku, Takashimaya Osaka, JR Nagoya Takashimaya, and Takashimaya Yokohama during the respective department stores' business hours.

LOVOT 2.0 brand video

Under the concept of "new encounters," their new brand video emotionally depicts the scene of a new encounter between a girl and LOVOT 2.0, foreshadowing and anticipating the various evolutions of the new model.

Features of LOVOT 2.0


  • Improved reliability due to an improved cooling system, etc.
  • The shape of the front sensor has been changed to improve stability during charging.
  • The popular うす usu (light) face color can now be selected as an option (19,800 yen) *Free of charge until the end of June 2022
  • Software

    *Current "LOVOT" users will be able to experience the same behavior by updating the software.

    • Updated image recognition performance makes it easier for LOVOT to find people.
    • Keypoint detection technology has been introduced to enhance behavior
    • When multiple stand-alone LOVOTs gather, they now behave in a cooperative manner.

    Nest (charging station)

    • More compact, lighter, and more stylish.
    • Quieter
    • Storage has been upgraded to SSD (256GB) for improved reliability.

    Orders for LOVOT 2.0 are now being accepted with initial shipments to be delivered to Japanese customers from early June 2022.

    See the official LOVOT website for more information.

By - Ben K.