A photo posted by Japanese Twitter user いのけん Inoken (@inoken0315) has attracted a lot of attention.

The photo was taken at Saizeriya, a Japanese family restaurant known for its Italian-inspired food.

After finishing dinner at the restaurant, Inoken saw something unexpected when he went to the cash register to pay the bill.

After a hard day's work, look who was sleeping peacefully...

A robotic kitty!

This is "BellaBot," a cat-shaped food delivery robot employed by Saizeriya.

In addition to carrying multiple dishes at once, it communicates by displaying facial expressions on its screen and saying, "I brought the dishes you ordered, Meow!"

BellaBot's cuteness has won the hearts of many online and the Tweet has garnered more than 162,000 likes at the time of writing. It also elicited numerous comments, such as:

  • "She's so adorbs!!! Good job, kitty!"
  • "The kids get so excited when she brings the food."
  • "I love it! I've never seen her in my town...I must go visit one where she works!"
  • "I've seen that robot at other family restaurants. She responds when you stroke her head and ears!"
  • "I remember BellaBot once brought another customer's orders and the waitress "scolded" her, which made me smile..."

If you love cats, BellaBot will surely make you happy. You may see one if you visit a restaurant chain in Japan. And if you prefer your robot waitstaff to look more like a waitress than a cat, Japan's working on that too...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.