As most people familiar with the beloved world-famous manga and anime franchise Doraemon surely know, Nobita's faithful friend and sometimes antagonist Takeshi Goda, or Gian as he's usually called, is mostly known for being an aggressive bully. However, he also dreams of becoming a singer, in spite of the running joke that his singing is terrible.

Although he has put on small music concerts for his friends in the series, he has never truly achieved his dream...until now.

Finally, it looks like Gian will be making his major debut!

On July 20th, two songs, 「ジャイアントドリーム」 ("Giant Dream") and 「おれはジャイアンさまだ!2022」("I am Gian-sama! 2022"), will be bundled and distributed digitally in advance, with a full album to be released on August 24th!

On the June 11 broadcast of Doraemon, Gian performed a long-awaited new song to celebrate his birthday. This was 「ジャイアントドリーム」 ("Giant Dream"), which was not only sung by Gian's voice actor 木村昴 Subaru Kimura but lyrics also written by him, while the music was composed and arranged by 木下龍平 Ryuhei Kinoshita.

On July 20th, Gian will sing a new version of his favorite song 「おれはジャイアンさまだ!」"I am Gian-sama!" (lyrics by Kazuya Tatekabe, music by Shunsuke Kikuchi, arrangement by Kan Sawada), updated for 2022.

Finally, on August 24th, Gian's long-held dream of making his debut as a singer will be realized with the release of a compilation album featuring Gian's solo songs and songs with his friends, entitled 「ジャイアンのスーパーリサイタル」 ("Gian's Super Concert"). The album will cost 2,530 JPY.

Gian has given many concerts in the past, but this will be his first CD debut, and expectations are sure to be high!

More details will be posted on Columbia Music Japan's website in the near future.

By - Ben K.