Donguri Kyowakoku is a Studio Ghibli merchandise wonderland based in Japan, and their goods span such a range of items that they even have sub-brands specialising in various wares.

For example, GBL is a brand that includes modern and stylish clothing featuring motifs from all of the animation studio’s most beloved films. GBL even now have their own brick and mortar shop located in Miyashita Park, Shibuya.

It’s now become a yearly tradition for them to reveal a range of Hawaiian-style shirts just in time for summer. 2022’s offering includes two prints, with one inspired by Porco Rosso and another for fans of Princess Mononoke.

The Porco Rosso design is particularly bright, with a light blue background and colourful planes from the movie.

The Princess Mononoke one is more muted with a black background and some of the creatures from the animation rendered in white and green.

These summery prints have also been used to create some pretty dresses in the same style as the shirts.

There’s matching tote bags too, that look perfect for a day at the beach.

And even bandanas to accessorise with.

So if you want to brighten up your summer wardrobe with some funky tributes to your favourite Ghibli movies, check out GBL’s online store, GBL’s shop at Miyashita Park, or any Donguri Kyowakoku with a GBL Corner.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.