Talented photographer Take (@Atsushi_Takeoka) travels Japan, snapping gorgeous photography of some of the country's most standout scenery.

Sometimes natural scenery has to take a backseat to comedy--or perhaps go hand-in-hand, however. While visiting Fusebenten Tokaiji Temple in the city of Kashiwa, Take knew he just had to take some pictures when he was greeted by the unique sight of the temple's chozu, or purifying water basin.

A chozu is often used to wash ones hands and even mouth as a means of purification before praying and entering a temple or shrine. Sometimes they will be turned into hana-chozu (flower purifying water basins) with floating hydrangea and other flowers in absolutely beautiful decorations which are big crowd pleasers for visitors.

Unfortunately, it seems Take stumbled upon someone who wasn't quite so thrilled to see the basin decorated--the temples dragon god that looms over the water!

" HUH?!! Who on earth put flowers here?!"

The positioning of his hands, combined with a seemingly indignant expression, really does make it seem as if the dragon deity is screaming the caption Take shared the photo with, as if he's become upset at the sudden defiling of his water basin.

Although likely not the intended result of the temple, many on Twitter were charmed by Take's hilarious composition of the statue and basin, with some saying they could never look at a dragon god statue's face the same way again.

As it turns out, the basin's flowers had been decorated in the shape of a heart, so perhaps the dragon deity was simply stunned at the beauty of it all!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.