Talented Japanese creator ミチル Michiru (@mitiruxxx), known for his clever and humorous creations like okonomiyaki pencil sharpners and kotatsu keycaps and iceberg tissue boxes, recently posted another genius idea on his Twitter account.

A sweaty bottle...

When you put a cold bottle on a table, it sometimes "sweats" as water droplets condense on the surface.

We tend to think, "Wiping off the water is such a hassle," but if there were a product like this, we might not mind so much:

"Paw pad bottle. The water droplets on the plastic bottle leave pawprints."

Reproduced with permission from ミチル Michiru (@mitiruxxx)

Water droplets turn into pawprints...!

What a surprise! With this bottle, the condensation turns into cute cat pawprints.

Especially if you love cats, this makes you rather look forward to seeing the water marks on the table!

Some of the comments on the post include, "So cute. I want one!" and "Genius! I applaud the idea!"

If all bottles were paw pad bottles, maybe the world would be just a bit brighter...

At present, this is only a concept and there are no plans to commercialize it, but if it ever comes to pass, we hope the bottles will be reusable.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.