At press conference held today, Japanese figure skating superstar Yuzuru Hanyu announced his retirement from active competition as a figure skater, in light of an injury.

The two-time figure skating champion, dubbed the "Ice Prince" by his fans, has been regarded as a prodigy on the ice for his smooth skating style as well as a heartthrob. The now 27-year-old Hanyu first took top honors at Sochi in 2014, then became the first man in 66 years to successfully defend at Pyeongchang in 2018.

Injuries, among them an ankle ligament issue, caused him to miss the 2021 Grand Prix season and the star ended up stumbling and falling to fourth place in Beijing. Those injuries are thought to have factored into Hanyu announcing his retirement from active competition, although he intends to remain a part of the figure skating world as a professional skater and performances such as "Fantasy on Ice".

At the conference, Hanyu announced the following:

"Thanks to all the support I've received, I've been able to do my best. I'm really happy to be able to complete my figure skating career."

"I am still in my infancy, but I have decided to continue skating as a professional athlete."

"I can no longer continue to be compared to other skaters as a professional athlete and competitor."

"However, from now on, I would like to continue skating while acknowledging myself, my weaknesses, and continuing to fight with my past self."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.