Bananas are available at supermarkets all year round at reasonable prices. However, since they don't last long, many people freeze any bananas they can't use before they get too ripe to eat.

However, as anyone who has tried eating a frozen banana surely knows, it's very solid and difficult to eat as is. Unless you're really bent on having that banana and don't mind waiting for it to defrost, knowing that you can't just grab and eat it can make the whole thing a bother, so you might as well just reach for another more handy snack instead. As a result, frozen bananas can sometimes end up taking up space in your freezer until the day you throw them out.

If you follow this simple lifehack, however, you'll be able to enjoy those frozen bananas immediately and even store them more compactly in your freezer.

Let's get started. All you need is plastic wrap.

Pull out your plastic wrap and cut it into pieces large enough to wrap the banana.

Peel the banana and place it on the plastic wrap. Wrap the banana loosely in plastic wrap and crush it with the palm of your hand to a thickness of about one to one-and-a-half centimeters (around half an inch).

Once you're done crushing, wrap the remaining plastic wrap around the banana, repeat with other bananas if you have them, stack them and store them in your freezer.

If you freeze your banana whole, it's hard to cut it into pieces by hand, let alone bite into it directly. But with this method, you can easily do both!

Your banana is ready to eat or use for other purposes, such as making a smoothie!

For example, if you're making a smoothie with soymilk and frozen fruit (in this case, some frozen melon in addition to the bananas), it's really convenient.

If you love bananas (and smoothies) why not give this convenient lifehack a try?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.