While Japan has always been big on regional specialties, it seems like recently there’s been an even bigger focus on local ingredients and recipes. For example, Lindt is currently offering a chocolate beverage containing a rare grape variety from Nagano, and Godiva surprised us with a Nagasaki Milkshake-inspired drink.

Now the Japanese arm of Krispy Kreme have turned their attention north, and collaborated with a famous Hokkaido brand that celebrates local produce, to create one special Hokkaido-exclusive doughnut.

North Farm Stock specialises in using local Hokkaido produce to make their food, such as jams and sauces.

Hokkaido is famous for dairy products so they created the ‘Hokkaido Premium Haskap Berry and Yogurt’. The haksap berry grows in areas with cooler temperatures, so it is perfect for representing Hokkaido. North Farm Stock’s haksap jam is made with berries picked locally, and the sweetness pairs especially well with the Hokkaido-sourced yoghurt. The doughnut also has a white chocolate coating reminiscent of the area’s snowy scenery.

This doughnut is exclusive to three Krispy Kreme locations in Hokkaido. That’s Sapporo Pole Town, Sapporo Le Trois, and Chitose Outlet Mall RERA. It costs 367 yen to take out, or 374 yen to eat in and will be on sale until 30th September 2022.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.