Thankyou Mart, a Japanese store that sells the majority of their items for 390 yen (san=3, kyu=9 in Japanese) has created some original apparel and accessory items, under the brand of an original retro-style Japanese cafe!

For young people in their teens or twenties who grew up as digital natives, the Showa era’s analog way has been new and refreshing, leading to a bit of a renaissance in its aesthetic appeal. There have been many Showa style theme parks and alleyway markets which have gained popularity in recent years, too.

The new Showa era-style cafe brand is called Amour, meaning “love” in French. The lineup includes shopping tote bags, t-shirts, makeup pouches, key chains, and more featuring colorful ice cream floats--a signature drink found at such cafes.

With the base concept of “Emoi” (Japanese slang for “nostalgic” in an emotional way), these vivid yet deep toned color items perfectly portray the Show era’s wonderful analog style!

For more information, check out THANKYOU MART’s official website.

By - Mugi.