Although the number of payphones installed in Japan is decreasing due to the widespread use of smartphones, they can still be found.

Payphones in Japan are usually placed on a simple stand or in a phone booth.

However, the public phone that Twitter user めぐ Megu (@megu_koupenchan) saw in Shizuoka Prefecture was unique.

Reproduced with permission from めぐ Megu (@megu_koupenchan)

"There's a payphone like this lol lol"

If you've ever built a plastic model such as the ones from the famous Gundam series, chances are you instantly recognized this design.

These payphones look just as if they were parts within a giant plastic model sprue!

Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture, boasts more than 80% of the Japanese market share in plastic model manufacturing.

As part of the Shizuoka City Plastic Model Project, the municipal government has installed monuments incorporating a plastic model motif in various parts of the city.

Waht Megu saw was one of the monuments in the project!

Of course, they are also fully-functioning payphones...

Many people online, probably those who didn't live in Shizuoka City, were surprised to see these unusual payphones, and left comments such as:

  • "It makes me want to use nippers to cut it out...!"
  • "Whoever came up with the idea of combining a payphone and a plastic model must be a genius!"
  • "The design is exciting and shows a great sense of style!"

When you hear of Shizuoka Prefecture, most people usually think of green tea, but it's also famous for its plastic models.

Shizuoka City is home to famous companies like Tamiya and the hobby products division of Bandai Spirits.

If you like plastic models and are visiting Japan, it could be worth your while to check out all the monuments in the city, and stop by Shizuoka Hobby Square. Moreover, if you can time your visit in May, you can also attend the Shizuoka Hobby Show, the largest model exhibition show in the country.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.