Japanese photographer はやて Hayate (teeeehaya.photo) travels around Japan in search of spectacular scenery and captures beautiful landscapes in his photographs.

Most of Hayate's photos on social media are landscapes, as you can see in the photo reel below:

However, the photo he posted on August 29th, 2022 was a portrait of his father.

"I'm glad I was able to capture my father cutting a gallant figure."

Such was the way Hayate captioned this photo when he posted it to his account:

Reproduced with permission from はやて Hayate (teeeehaya.photo)

These hand-held fireworks, known as 手筒花火 tezutsu hanabi, are said to have originated in Aichi Prefecture, where it is featured in many festivals.

Hayate's father is involved in the executive committee of one of these festivals and participated this year as a Tezutsu Hanabi performer.

Since Hayate was also there for the occasion, his father asked him to take a picture, producing the stunning results you see above.

The photo received a resounding response, with comments such as:

  • "Your father's gallant pose made my heart soar to the point of tears...!"
  • "You are the coolest! I can feel how much you respect your father!"
  • "You must be proud of him. I think he must be hot and it must be hard to maintain that pose. What an awesome dad!"

The proud expression on his face, his bravery in the face of the powerful fountain of fire and sparks falling all around him, all of these things beautifully express the essence of the moment.

Knowing the background story, the photo also reflects the bond between father and son. All of these elements combined to create a post that seems to have touched many people's hearts.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.