With its crunchy texture and variety of flavors, Calbee, Inc.'s "Jagarico" potato stick snack has long been popular in Japan. According to a survey of 410 foreigners in the Asahi TV show ニッポン視察団 nippon shisatsusan which aired on September 3rd, 2022, Jagarico was the second most popular among 35 snacks.

As can be expected, Calbee's brand logo spelling the word "Calbee" in English appears on every package of Jagarico. However, for a certain reason, the company has been asking people following its social media accounts to post photos with the letter "C" removed from the name.

For a good cause

The reason is "deleteC大作戦" (derīto shī daisakusen | Operation Delete C), a mission to collect funds for cancer treatment research.

As you can probably guess, the "C" in the name of the operation is the "C" in cancer.

For each post, 100 yen will be donated to cancer treatment research.

The "C" can be erased in any way, such as by crossing it out with a pen, making it invisible by covering it with a finger when you take a photo, applying a sticker, or manipulating the image with an app or editing software.

Finally, post the image with the two hashtags #deleteC大作戦 and #カルビー (Calbee).

All Calbee products, not only Jagarico, are eligible. If you have any Calbee snacks at home, this is a great initiative that you can participate in right away.

Moreover, just by retweeting or liking a post from the official Jagarico account listed above, 10 yen will be donated to cancer treatment research.

Not only Calbee is participating in "Operation Delete C"!

In addition to Calbee, various other companies are also participating in "Operation Delete C."

By taking a picture with the "C" deleted on the product or logo and adding the hashtag #deleteC (or ones specified by each participating company) to your post, you can donate to the cause.

For example, the campaign applies to stationery and supplies brand Kokuyo's popular Campus notebooks...

...as well as glue, tape and rubber bands made by Cemedine.

Unless you can buy the paricipating products in your home country, the campaign is limited to residents of Japan, and will continue throughout the month of September 2022.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.