Sometimes, the dramatic difference in the "winter coats" our pets adopt during the colder seasons is so great, it makes them look like two completely different animals.

As it turns out, the same happens to prairie dogs as well. While we typically don't get to see it when they're hiding, thankfully Japanese prairie dog photographer @prairie_for_you has provided a glimpse of how adorable a prairie dog's winter transformation is that's been melting hearts on Twitter.

@prairie_for_you shared the now viral photo with the appropriate caption, "Good news: prairie dogs now have their winter fur" signaling a sign of the new season:

In order to brave the colder weather, the bundle of prairie dogs have become even rounder and fluffier than before, looking almost more like plushies than actual animals. The photo was a big hit with those that had never seen the winter coat version of a prairie dog before, with many online wanting to scoop up and cuddle the fluffy prairie dogs, and some comparing the middle one to a craftsman as he seems to be very preoccupied with a blade of grass.

Good news indeed!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.