Typically when a pet owner sees their pets having a fight, they immediately rush to put an end to things. Those who own both cats and dogs are almost doubly on watch to make sure things don't get out of hand.

Japanese Twitter user @muchi21067312, who lives with their two dachshunds Chii, Muu, and cat Totoro, however, witnessed a strange type of skirmish they couldn't help but watch unfold with adorable tension.

@muchi21067312 stumbled upon the two doggos and their kitty brother locked in a bit of a pet version of the final showdown from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly as they each lie in their pet beds:

Dog 1: "Move."

Dog 2: "No, you move."

Cat: "Both of you, move."

The three have converged face to face in three separate tunnel pet bed toys, and look like they are either holding a meeting of some secret pet society or locked in a Mexican standoff. According to @muchi21067312, they originally had two tunnels for each of the dogs, but Totoro became a bit jealous so they got him one of his own to use. Tunneling through them, they seem to have pushed together in one adorable coincidence!

While it may seem like a tense standoff, as they are pet beds, it's entirely possible all three have simply fallen asleep like that...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.