You can almost look forward to a new and exciting regional or seasonal exclusive Kit Kat flavor in Japan every month, and October is no exception.

Kit Kat’s new flavor “Kit Kat Mini Tokyo Shima Lemon '' is now available in the Tokyo area as a Tokyo edition of the Regional Kit Kat series! This uses Tokyo Ogasawara Island’s local specialty product “Island Lemon” juice powder for a special citrusy Kit Kat flavor.

Ogasawara’s Island Lemons are renowned in Japan for their mellow acidity and pleasant aroma. Roughly 1.5 times the size of a standard lemon, Ogasawara ships the Island lemons while still green as it's said that's when they taste the best. When it comes to souvenirs from Ogasawara, it's hard not to find something that makes use of the sweet lemons such as jellies and jams.

This Kit Kat is made up of cream that has Island Lemon juice powder kneaded in and sandwiched between crispy sweet wafers while its exterior chocolate is colored similar to the green skin of the Island Lemon!

In addition to the release of Island Lemon as a new regional series flavor, Nestle is also renewing the packages of another ten regional series flavors. If you have a plan to travel to new regions in Japan, make sure to check out and enjoy the special regional edition Kit Kat!

By - Mugi.