Amazon operates in multiple markets around the world. In some areas, you can specify unattended delivery. Moreover, depending on where you live, you can additionally request a "photo on delivery" to confirm your package's arrival and its exact location on the premises of the recipient.

Nice shot, delivery person!

Japanese Twitter user ポメラニアンのにんじゃ Pomeranian no Ninja (@motopii0331) received such a photo from Amazon after their purchase was delivered to their home in their absence. The package was clearly visible in front of their home's door, but there was something else that made the photo special.

Here's the photo, which went viral after Pomeranian no Ninja posted it!

"Nice shot, delivery person!"

Reproduced with permission from ポメラニアンのにんじゃ Pomeranian no Ninja (@motopii0331)

In addition to the package, the photo shows the owner's dog, faithfully guarding the house while his owner was away!

If you look closely, you can see the dog's hind legs aren't touching the ground. He must have been barking as hard as he could while jumping up and down at the delivery person.

The photo elicited many comments, such as:

  • "What a heartwarming picture! The delivery person must have taken a liking to the dog."
  • "When I looked at the dog closely and saw that it was airborne, I laughed."
  • "I'm glad they got a shot of him being properly alert as a guard dog! I hope the owner gives him lots of praise."
  • "The delivery person must have taken this picture thinking, 'Will this make the owner smile?'"

Of course, it's possible that the delivery person was in a hurry and was only thinking about showing the package clearly and centered in the photo. However, the most important element was the front door and it wasn't necessary to show the window for the owner to understand the location.

If it was on purpose, hats off to the delivery person for having a nice sense of humor!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.