There's nothing like showering an obedient doggo with the praise of "good boy!" over and over while giving them reassuring pats, but Japanese Twitter user @07tarou09 may feel double the need to do that after their beloved shiba inu Taro, showed off just how well-behaved a dog he is.

While taking a walk with Taro, @07tarou09 somewhat unconsciously gave the 10-year-old black shiba the command to sit. The only problem was that Taro was actually sitting. While you think this mistake might confuse Taro or simply be brushed off, but instead Taro decided to double down on the order. When @07tarou09 realized their mistake, they were greeted by a marvelous "double-sit" pose!

Source: @07tarou09

Taro seems to be going all out in attempting to sit even "harder" than he already was, looking up to the sky and holding his sitting pose with firm intensity. Even the look on his face seems to be saying "is this good enough for you?!" or "how about this?" @07tarou09 couldn't help but laugh at the over-obedience and somewhat regal pose of Taro, sharing it to Twitter where it became a big hit and the model of a "too obedient" dog.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.