People face feelings of anger in many different situations, whether at work, at home, or on social networking sites.

Even if it's for a good reason, anger usually doesn't leave you with good feelings. Moreover, depending on how you get angry, it may even be counterproductive.

The scariest type of anger

Japanese manga artist ゐ Wi (@irk_hrk) drew a manga about ways that people get angry and posted it to their Twitter account.

According to Wi, there are at least three types of anger but one of them is the scariest by far...

Reproduced with permission from ゐ Wi (@irk_hrk)

Reproduced with permission from ゐ Wi (@irk_hrk)

Reproduced with permission from ゐ Wi (@irk_hrk)

As paradoxical as it may seem, the scariest person according to Wi is someone who puts on an unaffected smile, the "Buddhist saint"!

People like this usually stay calm and rarely get angry. The problem is when you do manage to anger them, it's already too late, and they'll just cut you off without telling you why...

The manga elicited many reactions, with some people comparing their own anger patterns as well. For example, some of the comments were:

  • "I totally get it. People who are always smiling are the ones you have to watch out for..."
  • "I might be a No. 3... If I feel I'm being treated unreasonably, I leave without saying a word."
  • "I have experienced a No. 2 boss. It was too hard, so I dealt with it by being a No. 3"
  • "I'm a No. 3 at work, but a No. 1 as a parent."

So, then, which number are you?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.