Hit anime Anpanman is a long-standing source of entertainment for children in Japan, and even the sight of Dokin-chan, the partner in crime of the villainous Baikinman, tends to bring a smile to the faces of kids and parents alike.

Japanese Twitter user and mother Washi no Neko (@fjk40192278) could only help but be taken aback when she saw Dokinchan in the wild, however. One day when visiting a park playground with her fellow mother friend, she noticed some playground equipment that seemed a bit...off at first glance.

At the park she found a playground spring rider for kids to ride that was shaped like Dokinchan. However, when approaching from behind, she was struck by what appeared to be Dokinchan's giant and shiny posterior!

Source: @fjk40192278

A bit shocked at seeing Dokinchan presented in such a sexy light, she checked in with her friend, who informed her that the pink portion of the spring rider was not actually Dokinchan's voluminous and glossy butt, but her feet presented in a bit of a deformed anime style.

Source: @fjk40192278

However, even when looking from the side, Washi no Neko (and many on Twitter) remained unconvinced!

While likely made with the best intentions, the choice to cram Dokinchan's feet into the spring rider looks strikingly like a giant anime butt! You can understand Washi no Neko's confusion, as many echoed her surprise in the replies:

"Oh no, this is a perfect butt."

"This is embarrassing...but it's so funny!"

"It's so full of ass, it's the best laugh I've had all day. I would have blushed..."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.