Edo kiriko ("cut glass from Edo") is definitely one of Japan's most pleasing traditional art forms. The artisanal glass craft is characterized by intricately designed patterns and beautiful colors in glassware, and you still see it preserved today in quality jewelry and tableware.

Japanese glass cutting specialists Annaka Special Glass Co. has thought of a great way to admire that craft while "using" it as the same time, releasing a premium lineup of gorgeously crafted Edo kiriko pens!

The pens are part of the maker's new MAROW brand, which borrows it's name from the Japanese word "maro", which means to sharpen or to polish. Each pen is engraved with the kiku-tsunagi pattern, known to be one of the most difficult of the 10 or so Edo kiriko patterns that exist, to show beautiful chrysanthemums in an auspicious design as the flowers symbolize longevity in Japan.

The nib's precision has been meticulously adjusted by master kiriko craftsmen so that the tip does not have a flat surface, but rather a gently rounded one that permeates all ink grooves, and has an especially smooth and graceful touch when laid to paper.

The beautifully faceted Edo kiriko pens come in a number of adjusted barrel lengths, and can be ordered online from the MAROW series store.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.