Mai-chan, a parrot, lives with a cat named Koo-chan. Her mission: to touch Mai-chan the cat. A little shy and scared, would Mai-chan ever be able to complete her mission?

First attempt

Mai-chan positions herself near Koo-chan who is asleep. The shy parrot slowly reaches out her foot towards the cat and gently pokes on its nose.

Mai-chan tries a bit harder, this time bring her beak to Koo-chan's face. However, the cat suddenly wakes up. It appears as if Mai-chan is pretending that she wasn't doing anything.

One year later...

Mai-chan the parrot is doing slightly better a year later - she's able to touch Koo-chan the cat while she is awake. Even then, Mai-chan is so hesitant - and insistent!

After a while Koo-chan just gets up and leaves - perhaps she's got sick of the parrot's poking.

Two years later...

By this stage, Mai-chan can now call the cat's name. Even then, the parrot seems still a bit timid.

And the result: three years later

...well, Mai-chan is still trying. Well, at least she can now call Koo-chan's name a lot. We wonder if Mai-chan and Koo-chan are ever able to embrace each other.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.