Japan has a well established reputation for politeness and etiquette, with the very convenient and humble gesture (O-jigi, in Japanese) of bowing serving as its most common medium of expression. However, it seems that Japanese people aren't the only ones using it now.

Anyone who has visited Nara, particularly the long road to famous Buddhist temple Todaiji, will tell you that the area is swarming with adorable deer! However, they can be quite aggressive in approaching people--wandering into stations, restaurants, and very close to the temple itself in hopes of getting something to eat. To help prevent the deer from eating things that they shouldn't, local vendors now sell crackers made especially for those deer. Much like dogs, the clever bambis have sometimes taken to learning tricks and mannerisms to win a snack--as this YouTube poster found out in a trip to Todaiji. Watch as the deer very eagerly matches him with his own very Japanese bow in between cracker bites!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.