Few moments are as precious and exciting as learning that a new life will be brought into the world, but after 17 years of struggling to have a baby, this couple from Dinwiddie County, Virginia had a little extra reason to celebrate.

Dana Griffin-Graves had set up an adorable surprise for her husband, Arkell, placing long-awaited ultrasound photos alongside some buns in the oven. When Arkell realized what this meant, he could no longer contain himself, telling a local news station that "“I’ve never been that excited before in my life and I mean not mainly for myself, for her.”

The road had been long and hard for the couple, with Dana suffering through four miscarriages and a stillbirth. “It was definitely a struggle. A roller coaster with emotions going back and forth. I got to the point where I was you know what, I want to stop trying." Dana said. Things are looking much better now, however, with the baby boy scheduled to arrive in February. We wish the three of them happiness, and hopefully one day that boy can look at the joy he brought into their life in this candid moment of happiness.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.