"Bathing cleans the mind and soul." So said Misato of Neon Genesis Evangelion... Indeed, bathing is a great place to relax and help relieve a bit of stress.


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But suddenly, a mysterious group of women appears and starts a dynamic performance in hot springs!

Synchronized swimming in spas!? A relaxing space had suddenly turned into an exhilarating show-house. Can't relax anymore though!

This movie is called "SHINFURO" - which is an invented word that docks the words "synchronized swimming" with "furo (bath)".


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The synchronized swimming was performed by "RAIKA ENTERTAINMENT", lead by Raika Fujii (former Olympian). Considering how synchronized swimming is done in a much deeper swimming pool, doing it in a shallow spa seems quite hazardous. But they cover it with their professionalism - all with advanced technique and well-rehearsed choreography.


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Even the music is unique: it uses the natural sounds captured in Oita prefecture including the sound of someone dipping into a spa or putting some food in a deep fryer. The main music is "Hana", a well-known piece by Rentaro Taki (1879-1903).


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As you can see in the video, Oita not only features the greatest number of hot springs, but also may kinds of spa - including mud pool, carbonated springs, and cold spring.

There are 11 different hot springs featured in the video - which one would you like to dip into?


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Needless to say, these performance was carried out after prior approval from hot springs provider. Behaviors such as swimming, diving, or synchronized swimming is strictly prohibited!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.