This short film was produced by Rino Stefano Tagliafierroplus for MY SUPER8's "(M+A)".

What makes this film both interesting and haunting is that it is made of 300 continuously-shot photographs. The movements between photographs are produced by morphing software. The result? It's both surreal and haunting:

Normal body movements have a wide range of subtle motions, even in simple motions like lifting a hand.

But in this work, all they have are a series of photos - all the subtle movements that would have occurred between a photo and a consequent photo is missing. Those missing motions are calculated and interpolated by computer software.

It is precisely this feature that creates the unusual and unsettling smoothness in the two girls' body movements.


Source: Vimeo

Artistic values of this film was well recognized: this film was given many awards at film festivals across the globe. All the unnatural movements can give you a bit of numbness, but it's also intoxicating, don't you think?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.