Terrible things can happen in a blink. But many structures we take for granted, never for a moment think that they will collapse. Then if anything goes wrong, it could take people's lives. The video here shows that terrifying possibility.

This video shows four French tourists passing through the Great Walk of Lake Waikaremoana in New Zealand last month, when all of a sudden the bridge they were crossing became half twisted, throwing them instantly out of the bridge and into the water.

The bridge allowed up to 10 people to cross at a time, and this time there were only 4 people on the bridge.

Here is when things don't seem right...

The bridge suddenly tips to the right.

Then in a flash...

The camera dives into the water.

According to the New Zealand Herald, the core holding the bridge was “released.” The four tourists fell nearly 30 feet into the ravine. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.