Recently, a lot of media attention has been focusing on this young Japanese school girl–– lets meet Saya.

The first thing that may cross your mind is that it's probably another one of those Japanese girl high school TV drama, but the fact is the image is not real. It is a 3-D computer-generated model created by a computer.

The wrinkles in her shirt above the shoulders and the skin tone of the face is incredibly well-done. To an illusory extent, the person must be real.

Yuka Ishikawa works as a freelance CG artist with her husband Teruyuki Ishikawa. Their team is based in Tokyo. Most of the their incoming projects come from freelance employers, and some are from overseas. As for the school girl, it was a side project they've been creating in their free time.

According to her co-creator, Yuka Ishikawa, bringing her to life isn’t easy.

Capturing the characteristics of a young Japanese girl is extremely tough, especially when trying to deliver the image of a kind and gentle Japanese school girl. Yuka 

So far the work has been receiving a lot of applause through Tweets and other media. But even so, Ishikawa still not satisfy in various areas of looks and details, a lot of improvising needs to be done as she mentioned from her Tweets.

Ishikawa is also preparing some sort of robotic gear for Saya to wear. She will even be acting in a future movie, which means she will be moving in real-time!

Can't wait to see the final result when it everything goes in "live".

By - grape Japan editorial staff.