One rainy day, a lady was taking a stroll down the street when she found something shocking.

A kitten - with her umbilical cord still in tact - was lying there on cold ground, almost lifeless.


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The woman felt at an instant that the kitten is already dead.

So the lady decided to bury the poor kitten - probably thinking that it was the least thing she can do. But when she picked the kitten up, she was struck again: she felt the kitten's heart still beating.


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The lady then wrapped the kitten with a paper bag she had, and taken the kitten to the nearest hospital.

Thankfully, the kitten's life was saved, thanks to the warm hands of the woman and the paper bag that gave the kitten some insulation. The kitten's life may have been no longer if the woman was a few minutes late in discovering the kitten.

Life of the saved kitten

Once the treatment was over, what awaited the woman was a medical bill of 57 Euro.

Although the woman was not financially secure, the unexpected expense didn't seem to bother her at all when she saw the kitten regain strength again.

Perhaps the woman's next decision didn't bother her either: she decides to welcome the kitten to her family.


The saved kitten was named Iris, and is now living with the woman and her son.

At first, feeding her some milk was enough of a challenge, but it is a relief to know that Iris is now healthy.


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Iris is drinking milk happily and growing well. The way Iris holds the owner's finger is so heartwarming...


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Iris's lovable charm would surely bring warmth to this family. We feel we had a share of happiness just upon hearing this beautiful story. We wish Iris and her family well!


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By - grape Japan editorial staff.