The ocean can be peaceful and calm as we normally imagine, but this fisherman seems not to think that way when some interrupters keep trying to steal his food!

The silly part is that the Goliath Groupers seem to not want to put effort into make their own dish. All they did was wait for their freebie to appear, then snatched it! What Thugs! The situation was repeated over and over again, leaving the desperate fisherman unable to do anything but swear at his competitor for not playing a fair game.

Good thing his words were naturally censored underwater because he does swear a lot.

On the other side, Goliath Groupers are known to have the ability to attack divers, and even sharks. In the video, you can see they are strong enough to drag the fisherman’s spear a long distance while he is still holding on to it. Although he did commit to himself not to let his food slip away, the situation becomes further worse, making it look like a fight scene between Human versus Goliath Grouper. But in the end, we do have to give him credit for caring more about his food than his life.

Oh well, lesson learned! Next time he just needs to figure out a way to make his catch safely return to his basket.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.