Source: Mlab

ER Ambulance To The Rescue For Your Cracked Smartphone

Accidents happen, and sometimes it gets so awfully bad that are unfixable. Antwerp, the most populated city has installed a text walking lane for their “cellphone walkers.” The first intention was to avoid people traffic and provide pedestrian safety while using cellphone on the streets. Although it may be a good idea, sometimes a new rule set to solve a problem can lead to another problem or perhaps more problems...

Judging from the below text walking lane picture, you may need extra focus while carefully using your iPhone, but also double-checking whether you are still in the “line zone.”



The popular mobile phone store M-Lab in Belgium thinks the new lane may seriously cause people to drop and crack their phone more frequently.

So to prevent this tragedy from happening, they built a small remote emergency ambulance to carry your broken cellphone back to their workstation. After a few surgery treatments and some rest, your darling phone is ready for you to pick up! Needless to say, you know how much your phone means to you!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.