Climbing high mountain slopes can be horrifying enough, but climbing ice caves can be another story. Basically, the environment is not recommended for climbing, unless you seriously want to push yourself beyond your comfort zone...

An adventure photographer Tim Kemple who enjoys taking the “beyond path,” has ended up capturing some breathtaking images in Vatnajökull, a glacier in Iceland that can be seen from space.

When he and his team arrived in Iceland, they had no idea what they were going to do. It was simply up to them to explore the land and choose their course each day. But their challenge took an unexpected turn out that they were climbing deadly icebergs, ice caves and ice crevasses.


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I don’t know why we do it — why we adventure, why we explore…but whatever those words mean to you, I think it’s something we all crave, something we all need in order to grow, in order to progress.

 ーTim Kemple

By - grape Japan editorial staff.