It is many women's wish to have younger-looking skin.

What should people do in order to achieve this? Many women in particular are looking after their skin with this in mind.

What you need for youthful skin

One research (carried out to women in their 50s) revealed one possible secret about skin age and how to keep it looking young.

In it, they first asked the following question:

How would you rate your age: are you "still" XX years old, or are you "already" XX years old?

The researchers then measured the skin age of these women. The results were interesting indeed.

The video that showed the results went viral in Japan, with over 100,000 views in 3 days. (Turn on the caption for English subtitles.)

The majority of women answered "already XX years old"

The research showed that 73.5% of women thought they were "already XX years old" - many felt their age with negative connotations.


Skin age of women who thought they were "already" at a certain age was on average "-0.9 years" from their actual age, meaning that their skin is equivalent to most women at that age.

Skin age of women who answered that they are "still XX years old", however, was on average 8 years younger than their actual age.


This research shows that simply feeling good about your age has a tremendous effect on your actual skin.

As it is apparent in the video, people who are full of vitality and positive about their lives have good-looking skin also.


It is easy for people to feel slightly negative about their age as one gets older. However, one of the keys to keeping yourself young is "from the inside".

It might not be easy to feel positive straight away. In that case, perhaps start reciting in your mind how young you are. Who would have thought: confidence is an active ingredient for anti-aging.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.

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