This is a digital clock from the company Ferrolic, created by Zelf Koleman, that people can't help but stare at without hesitation. The digital clock, or perhaps the “fluid clock,” uses powerful electronic magnets to enable fluids to move. During the transition, the fluid picks up other fluids to form shapes.

The creator Zelf probablly did not notice, but he accidentally created something that made Japanese people dropped their jaws, which was a real life-form of a Ghibli creature. Ghibli is the number one well-known animation studio and beloved by all ages in Japan. The creature appears in both Ghibli’s Totoro and Spirited Away movies, which is called “makurokurosuke.” The color is in black, and has a mysterious characteristic similar to makurokurosuke, which is the ability to be multiplied into two or thousands by emerging or separating with each other. The similar forming process and color from Zelf’s digital clock had surprised and overwhelmed Ghibli’s fans worldwide.

With this amazing and mysterious technology, the user can assign “the creatures” to display time, text, shapes and transitions. Basically, they can create animations from their own custom shapes through a computer.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.