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A Cat Scented Spray Makes Your Pillow Smell Like Cats

Simply said, the purpose of having a fragrance is to attract others or to feel good about yourself. Cats smell good, that’s why Japan produced a cat-scented fabric spray. Many cat owners in Japan tend to enjoy smelling their cats' heads, paws, stomachs, and this has seriously been going on for quiet awhile.

Even Japanese celebrities discuss their love of smelling their cats' paws. Of course, some people would not get it. But they responded that “It smells like the early sun rise.” Not sure if you get it, but the other cat owner immediately nodded without hesitation.

I can’t judge too much because I don’t own a cat, but many of cat owners smell their cats frequently in the morning. It is similar to “a nice cup of coffee that freshly wakes you up in the morning.”

The fragrance description noted the smell is both sweet and aromatic, and is designed to be sprayed onto fabrics. The cost is 1,293 yen, around $10 dollars, good for blankets and pillows, or any fabric that you would like to freshen up– even your suit!

Of course, a cat spray should come with a cat object to spray on— the kitty head. Available in three various colors for 3,125 yen each. Even if you don’t have time to own a cat, you can smell the fluffy cat head instead.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.

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