Alright humans, after all that training, it is time to charge to fight some giant titans. There have been a lot of Attack On Titan's gift merchandise, but nothing beats a legit Visa Card!

The collaboration of “Shingekinokyojin (Attack on titan)” and “Mitsui Sumitomo” Visa Card giant has appeared, and they will be offering their limited design edition from now and ending on December 9th.

How good is about Attack on titan? Well.. once a person watches Attack on Titan, it will be hard to find the same quality of content from other anime.

Ever since the first season of Attack on titan started, the altitude of animation quality standards became tremendously high, and fans are being more spoiled than ever. The amazing animation and the fast-pace storyline sequences is what grabs the audience's heart. Plus, the mind-blowing half 3D composition images through the anime made it look more alive.

While Attack on titan’s fan are grinding their teeth and waiting for the next season to appear, the fans can travel with their Attack on titan Visa Card to save humanity.

Captain Livi

Leader Erwin & Captain Hanji

Eren, Mikasa, Armin

Stunning beautiful images from the Visa site.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.