Getting your dose of daily exercise (or weekly, or monthly...) isn’t always easy, and it takes time and effort to stay fit. But if you’re willing and determined to devote some of your time to working out, these two-legged daikon radishes are here to boost your motivation.

Grown and cared for by a farmer in Hyogo Prefecture in Japan (@konsai_umemama), these frolicking vegetables do A LOT of running, although they also dabble in the occasional “dogback” riding.

And if you’re not at all confident you’ll be able to get off your couch and run a few laps around the neighborhood, the daikon probably wouldn’t mind letting you live vicariously through them, so you’ll at least feel like you’ve gotten some rigorous exercise.

The key to getting a great body is to run.

Just run.

Keep running.

Riding dogs can be good exercise, too.

But whatever you choose to do, don’t forget to warm up/cool down.

You can bring along a buddy if you want.

Voila! Better get your mirrors polished.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.