While there's certainly nothing new about Japan putting out traditional treats that are just too adorable to take a bite out of, it appears that a chocolate shop in Kyoto is taking things to the next level by challenging customers with sacred looking chocolates shaped as the head of a Buddha.


Source: Cacao Magic

Kyoto-based chocolate shop Cacao∞Magic sells all sorts organic and raw cacao chocolates, many of which sport intricate and beautiful designs. Their latest release is turning heads (no pun intended) on Twitter, however, as it can be a bit intimidating to bite into chocolate heads so holy. Putting those reservations aside, however, these have potential to be the chocolate equivalent of Nirvana. cacao∞magic describes these raw chocolates as a destined meeting of cacao, long said to be the food of the gods and hemp, which has become a sacred plant due to its usage in traditional Buddhist rites.

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Fittingly, the chocolates are named "Hemp Charcoal Buddha Heads" (麻炭仏陀, or Asasumi Butsuda), and are said to have a deeper flavor than usual dark chocolates. Perhaps after a day of exploring the many beautiful shrines and temples of Kyoto, you can treat yourself to the very fitting reward of these satisfied-looking Buddha chocolates as a means of helping your taste-buds find enlightenment (although no, these will not actually get you high). Given the spiritual (but delicious) contents, the Hemp Charcoal Buddhas are sold in charming lacquer-ware boxes.

By not roasting them at temperatures over 48 degrees (Celsius), these raw chocolates don't lose any of their natural enzymes and nutrients, allowing for the purest chocolate worthy of a Buddha.

Cacao ∞ Magic is only open as an over-the-counter chocolate store, but the Hemp Charcoal Buddha Chocolates are available from their online store. Due to high demand and hand-made production time, some orders need to be reserved. They are available in bundles of 3 for 1500 yen ($13), 4 for 2000 yen ($17), or 6 for 3000 yen ($25). If you're in Kyoto, you can also swing by their shop to see what other goods they have on hand.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.