Source: 100%

Sake Glass Leaves Beautiful Sakura Water Ink On The Table

The beloved sakura, or cherry blossom season is coming. The time where you find the landscape changes to a romantic pink color and cold temperatures starting to gradually settle down. People and couples have picnics underneath the blossom tree, casually drinking their sake and chatting.

The authentic Sakurasaku glass was born to be part of your blossom drinking experience, and a good subject to add to the conversation. The design company 100%, uses the condensation that forms on its sides to create a clean pattern of the sakura shaped base.

The result is a blossoming sakura on the table. Much nicer than the plain water ink we never liked. If you are going to ruin a table, you might as well make a pretty pattern with it.

The glasses are available for 5 different types of drinking occasions.

Price ranges from 2,300 yen ($19.73) for the sake cup to 2,500 yen for the tumbler, and 2,800 yen for the rock glass that you can find on Amazon. Let’s enjoy the beautiful pink season with these sakura glass cups.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.