Source: ctecuador

Frightened Little Sloth Got Stuck Between Traffic

Many of us have experienced animals crossing the road. And most of the time we bump into in are dogs, cats, or in rare cases like deer, but have you bumped into a sloth? Frankly, I haven't even seen a sloth before.

This little guy went on an adventure in Quevedo, Central Ecuador. While the sloth was crossing the road, its engine ran out and got stuck in between traffic. That’s when the local police came to the rescue.

Although the sloth was frightened and not releasing the post...

..its attitude stayed positive...

and worked along with the police.

The little traveler had received many fans who were glad to know that the story ended safe. But why did the sloth cross the road? Does the little guy have a family? Who knows..

By - grape Japan editorial staff.