In Japan, Hello Kitty is sometimes known for “not choosing jobs,” a Japanese phrase meaning she agrees to do any job that is offered to her. Which is why she’s often seen on seemingly random products that, at first glance, look uncharacteristic of the cute white kitty cat that she is.

But it turns out that her other adorable friends from Sanrio are following suit.

As part of a celebration for Sanrio’s 40th anniversary in 2015, My Melody was also recently turned into something we would never have imagined her to be — a pink and blue badass Transformer.


Source: @maaakun029

This My Melody Transformer was released on January 18th (which also happens to be My Melody’s birthday) as part of Japanese toymaker Takara Tomy’s “Cute Transformers” project. The rad robot version of one of Japan’s favorite characters can be yours for just 1,200 yen (10 USD).

She disguises herself as a cute little truck


Source: @maaakun029

And transforms into this beauty


Source: @maaakun029

But it turns out, Hello Kitty had already been released as a Transformer for the same project last year. When it comes to Sanrio characters dipping their feet in new waters, we guess she’s always one step ahead.


Source: @maaakun029

By - grape Japan editorial staff.