Japan’s second largest human resource company Pasona Group, planted a great idea for their employee health benefits. Different from the U.S. which uses 401k and health insurance companies, the company focuses on employees' health and nutritious by planting their own green foods in office. Basically, when an office worker gets stressed out in work or hungry, it's a convenient way to step away from the desk and walk to the harvest office for a bite of lettuce, and it’s freshly “office-made.”

The amazing part of this development is the mixed office space. Since this human resource company welcomes with many job-hunters and clients, the green plants can be also a nice art decor to leave a good impression to these important guests, and meanwhile, providing a healthier quality of life for employees.

The indoor urban farm is beautifully structured with a 1000-square-foot rice paddy, continuing through an okra field and you entering the vine-covered “tomato guest room” or the “vegetable factory” filled with tons of lettuce heads. On the second floor, fruit trees form partition walls between meeting spaces, bean sprouts are grown under benches and herbs grow along the walls. Any time you need a quick veggie snack, there you have it.

There are no worries of your body missing Vitamins or iron, because there are a total of 200 species of fruits and vegetables available to eat, and even rice that are harvested and served to employees. Anyhow, the company chose to give up 43,000 square feet of valuable workspace to their employees' health care, which is something many companies should take some notes on.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.

More than work: Tokyo office grows own food in vertical farm